Mindset & Purpose Coaching

I’m passionate about the journey I’ve been on & it’s important to me that I am able to share my learnings with individuals who are also passionate about making positive changes in their lives. This is why I have decided to open up more of my time to coaching & mentoring around mindset & purpose.

To give you some background, I once lived according to other people’s expectations at the cost of my own unique authenticity. Looking back now it’s very clear to me as to why i chose that path; with conformity came the acceptance & validation that I craved at the time. The problem is, external validation doesn’t bring an internal sense of fulfilment. Yes I was ticking boxes that society deemed successful but I remember the empty feeling inside often led me to ask myself, “is there more to life?” That really summed up how I felt, relatively successful on the outside, but empty on the inside.

Whilst my mind / ego craved acceptance & the safety that came with it, my heart wanted me to show up, to try, to love, to have real & deep connections with like minded people, it wanted me to live to my own deepest values regardless of what everyone else was doing. Change started to happen for me when I stopped trying to live to my ego by impressing society & instead started to connect more with my heart to impress myself.

And so I changed, but only to become more of my authentic self, because I’ve learned this is where I am at my most powerful. It is my belief that we aren’t born to simply conform or to fit into a system that is right for absolutely everyone, we are individuals with personal values that are unique to who we are. Who could you be if you stopped trying to simply fit in? What things would you do differently if you met the burning desire buried within, regardless of judgements or opinions? What is it your heart yearns for most of all?

Wearing a mask isn’t good for our mental health, our soul wants us to show up, it wants us to share & express the unique person we truly are. Is hiding who you are, playing a role in the anxiety or emptiness you feel deep inside? When we show up in life without fear of judgement, our authentic self becomes apparent, new relationships begin to enter our lives, new passions start to appear, our purpose begins to unravel itself.

It is my intention to help train your mind to think differently and connect you to your heart’s values & purpose. If this message resonates with you & you’re interested in exploring my coaching further, please email me directly or visit my website.


One of the biggest changes I’ve made in my life is gaining a sense of purpose. I went from living in what I now call auto-pilot mode, just following the crowd, to showing up and driving a life that truly inspires me. I was ticking boxes that I thought would make me happy, and they did for a short period, but when those moments passed I felt a sense of emptiness about my life. Was I really living a life that inspires me, did I really feel truly alive? Emptiness comes when we lack a deep purpose in what we are doing with our life. 

I can’t tell you your purpose, no one can, it’s something only you can feel and connect with. It comes from a deep place, a place I cannot touch, but what I can do is steer you in a direction that gets you more connected to what truly matters to you and the rest will unfold from there. 

Key aims:

  • Learn how to live a fulfilled life
  • Move out of your ego and into your heart
  • Find your purpose

Reviewed on a session by session basis but I’d recommend a minimum of 6 sessions before deep rooted progress is established.

Please contact me below to enquire directly for further information.