Hi I’m Alin, the man behind the lens on this fantastic adventure, this is my short story on how I came to be here.

Born and raised in a small town in Romania, I have a love for the country. While my friends grew up embracing the opportunity the country provided, I was born an adventurer and I never felt like it was my spiritual home. Driven by a desire to explore the world, I gave in to my burning desire to rehome my heart and soul and found life took on a new meaning when I volunteered for a charity in Africa and the Vanuatu Islands in 2010.

The people of Africa take a risk everyday by exploring, hunting and being exposed to the dangers presented by wild animals, drought and other natural disasters. Every day they face a new challenge to reinvent themselves depending on what they face at that time. Yet despite the obstacles they have to overcome on a daily basis, they live harmoniously with nature with a gratitude and appetite for the gift of life.

Next I reached the indigenous people of Vanuatu where I integrated with a collection of people living without worry, enjoying their lives with other tribes, free from judgement, rules and misconception. I hadn’t ever seen such raw, authentic living until this time.

When I returned back to Romania I realised how much I was missing in my life by staying in my comfortable-perfect bubble, repeating the same things over and over again. There was so much for me to see and explore, we are all so different yet I was following the same path as others, a path that wasn’t right for me. I had met people and been to places so amazing that they revolutionised my entire structure. So I made a promise to myself never to settle, to feel average or to let this life and all of it’s opportunity pass me by.

During my trip to Africa I didn’t have a camera so I missed the opportunity to preserve special memories and to share my experiences with friends, family and anyone interested. However these experiences taught me valuable lessons and armed with a new outlook on life I made sacrifices to save money so that I could one day follow my dream and pursue a career in photography in London.

Being involved in a project like @thenakedprofessor was once a distant thought, 5 years on and now i’m part of it and i see opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. The world has aligned me with an opportunity to take truly spectacular photos that represent the freedom and expression my heart longed for back in Romania.

I hope our images capture the meaning behind the story we want to tell, we love what we do and that allows us to go beyond what’s normal. It’s my pleasure to be able to complete my journey in sharing my work and our story here with you all, I hope you enjoy it.

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Thank you, Alin.