I currently don’t have a fixed date in place for my next retreat, however I very much hope this will change soon. I absolutely loved running one in Ibiza in 2019 (info below) and I have promised myself I will do another one soon, so please watch this space! Its best to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my instagram @thenakedprofessor to stay updated.

ps – if you are interested in collaborating with me on a retreat, or have a venue you think I may find interesting then please drop me an email hello&

Thank you, Ben


The Rebel Retreat, Ibiza – October, 2019

Join Jo Youle (@jogabeats) & I in the peaceful North of Ibiza for 5 days of meditation, movement, mindset medicine & exploration of the island’s hidden pockets. Our aim? To get you out of your head & back into your heart.

My daily coaching sessions will have you thinking less & feeling more. Over 80% of our thoughts are negative, it’s our minds natural way of trying to steer us towards a safe life. The problem is our soul craves more than just being safe, whilst negative thoughts can lead to anxious feelings. If you’re living with a sense of emptiness within, there is every chance your soul is wanting to be listened to. My coaching will have you exploring the concept of vulnerability & embracing your authentic self  to help you live with a deeper sense of fulfilment.

Alongside me, Jo will fire you up with daily movements. Through yoga, hiking, dance, breath work, sunrise meditation, sound and barefoot grounding beach walks, Jo will utilise the magical nature of the Island to reduce inflammation in the body and leaving you feeling reset. As an ex BBC music journalist and DJ, Jo is passionate about fusing music to movement in the true spirit of ibiza, so expect the unexpected.

If you’re very good at updating your mobile phone but forgetting about your own internal operating system, then this retreat is for you. While your head / mind keeps you safe, your soul knows of an authentic & powerful journey unique to you, it’s time to reconnect.

Limited places on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re interested please email for more information

Key Info:

Date: Monday 14th October – Saturday 19th October

Cost: £1,250

Price includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation (2 people sharing a room, individual rooms are available at extra cost)

  • All coaching, meditation, yoga and scheduled activities

  • 3 healthy meals a day

NB – You will need to arrange for your own flights and airport transfers.

Our last evening you will have the option to join us at the stunning Los Enamorados in Portinax, aka The Lovers Restaurant at additional cost. This is a well-kept island secret spot in winter for sunset and we will enjoy a final night celebration dinner here accompanied by live drummers, dancers and the best local food and seafood.