Pubic Speaker and Event Host

To learn more about my public speaking please visit:  http://www.benbidwell.com

Off the back of my coaching, writing & the intimate conversations on The Naked Professors podcast, I have become a popular & inspirational voice in the personal development space.

I have written for the likes of The Independent Newspaper & Men’s Health Magazine. Appeared live on shows such as Sky News, This Morning, Build London, Talk Radio & Heart. Delivered wellness talks and workshops to corporates such as HSBC & Dark Horses, and speak within society in venues such as HMP Pentonville Prison, Wilderness Festival, The Festival of Happiness & Hay House “Ignite”. In doing so, I am leading a revolution to change the stigma about mental health.

My extremely relatable style of public speaking brings vulnerability, knowledge & open dialogue on the following topics:

1) Changing the stigma about mental health

2) Masculinity, who is a real man in 2020?

3) Why happiness isn’t the answer.

4) Finding peace in a chaotic world.

5) How to find self-love & why it matters?

6) Finding your authentic purpose

If you’re interested in booking me to speak or host an event, please email me at hello@thenakedprofessor.me