They say I dream too big. I say they think too small.

November 28, 2017

I am here with an open mind, a big dream and a plan as to how I can bring that dream alive. There are times when I meet with others who share that vision with me, we talk for hours about the possibilities, I feel the excitement running through my veins, the future is oh so bright. But other days are the polar opposite, I’m looked upon blankly, my purpose and meaning are missed entirely, doubt comes knocking, but i’m lucky, because it isn’t allowed in.

Whilst we must seek and listen to the opinions of those we value and trust, I’ve learned to remember that without fact, opinions will always be nothing more than someone else’s guess. We can’t expect others to see things exactly as we do, with the same passion or clarity and they can’t execute the way we will. The opinions of others cannot ever take into account our perseverance, creativity, drive and determination; their negative doubts are formed only through knowing their own limitations.

But negative judgement can hurt I hear you say, yes it can, but should it? The opinions of others can only have an effect when we have doubt in our minds about our own value and capability. When we have clarity, purpose and an achievable action plan, then we become bulletproof, nothing anyone says or does can bother or impact our way of being. The thoughts of others can be heard but not felt, for we know what we will do, with or without their consent.

I once read that doubt and fear will always come knocking at my door, it’s my choice as to whether I invite them in for tea. Let’s push fear of failure and judgement to one side and instead dream big. The bigger the better, for this will become the fire that we breathe into our work that will make us do the things others won’t. Through our passion, determination and actionable clarity we have all the ingredients we need to turn our dreams into our reality. Connect with your purpose, dream big, work hard and stay true to your values, that’s being alive, now what’s stopping you?  

4 Replies to “They say I dream too big. I say they think too small.”

  1. Hey man, just started following you. Love what you write. However, if I may ask, what was the trigger point? What made you change your life? I am stuck in corporate world, on occasions satisfied but mostly suffocating…

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for engaging. In terms of moving away from the corporate world I vividly remember having a conversation with a colleague, his passion for the job shone through while I felt completely unengaged. At that point I realised that while I stayed in that particularly job I wouldn’t ever get the best out of myself without any real passion for the day to day tasks. At that moment I knew I had to move on from a job that didn’t inspire me. I was lucky enough to have put some money aside so I had some freedom to quit and explore my passions without immediate financial pressures.

      In terms of then starting my personal development journey, from the outside it probably looked as though I was living a fairly good life but internally I was searching for more. A feeling I believe a lot of people live with. In recognising this I became open minded in looking for a better way and then fate stepped in and I randomly came across a life coach on several occasions (she started working with my flat mate and he was always late!). Through the course of several conversations I became intrigued by her way of thinking and started to work with her myself. She then changed my life in opening up my mind to a totally different way of thinking. I haven’t looked back since and spend a huge amount of time investing in myself and educating my mind to operate in a way that serves me better.

      I could talk all day about this but I hope this gives you some insight? I will be writing more about all this stuff in my upcoming blogs, hopefully it will be interesting food for thought for you. Best wishes, TNP

      1. Thanks for your reply. I didn’t check this for days as I thought I would be alerted by email once you reply. Happy New Year btw!

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